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EV Charger Installation in Fremont, California

Installation & Repair
Fuse Service licensed company performed an EV charger installation in Fremont, California. The customer wished to have the appointment as soon as possible, so our schedulers found a spot very fast. Fuse is always prompt to help you — we understand that when you get an electrical vehicle you want to ride it, like, immediately. So our technicians arrived to the customer's house and initiated the installation straight away.

What Do You Need to Complete EV Charger Installation?

Before starting the job our techs had to deal with all the permits for the installation. Then our technicians had to:
  • Supply the materials;
  • Deliver materials on the working site — EV charger 50amp;
  • Remove and restore the plaster;
  • Install a new sub-panel for the charger;
  • Install the charger itself;
  • Test the electrical power.
Fuse provides a warranty for EV charger installation as well as other electrical labor.