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Tesla Charger 240V Installation in Santa Clara, California

Installation & Repair
Our licensed technicians performed a Tesla charger 240V installation in a customer's property in Santa Clara, California.
The customer wished to install the EV charger within the garage distance. So first it was important to prepare the working area according to the safety standards protocols (OSHA, NEC). Then our technicians could start the works.

What Do You Need to Know about Tesla Charger 240V Installation?

After our techs finished the preparation of the working area, they had to turn the power off and run a new cable for the charger. It should have gone from the feeder to the new outlet location — outside of the garage. Then is was possible to start the installation itself.
During this project our techs delivered:
  • Outlet 240V (Tesla/EV charger;
  • NEMA 14-50 or Tesla Wall Connector;
  • Junction box;
  • Other materials (couplings, connectors, etc.)
Fuse provides a warranty for Tesla charger 240V installation and other electrical labor.