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Limited Time Offer: Free Electrical Safety Check

Useful Tips
We're never short on good news, and today is not an exception. Introducing the hottest offer for our favorite customers: free electrical safety checkup!
It's summer and the chance of electrical hazards is now higher than before. Signs you should be aware of:
  • Electrical panel malfunctions;
  • Burnt smell coming out of the panel;
  • Sounds of electrical sparkles coming from somewhere;
  • Frequent breakers' tripping.
If you have any of these signs in your home, that means that you need to check your electrical situation before it becomes hazardous.

What Will We Inspect During Free Electrical Safety Check?

So, what exactly do our technicians look out for while they are in your house? Here are the main assets:
  • Electrical panel;
  • Electrical outlets;
  • Electrical wiring;
  • Electrical lights.
Our certified electrician will check everything and give you a detailed report on what possible measures can be taken in your situation. Your safety is our top priority. Hurry up—this offer is so good the spots for the checks are going out like crazy! So tap that button and let's get rolling.
Please note that the service is provided upon the availability of technicians, so we advise to book in advance.