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Porsche EV Charger Installation in San Jose, California

Installation & Repair
Our licensed technicians have performed a Porsche EV Charger installation for the electrical vehicle in San Jose, California. The customer needed a level two charging station for their electrical vehicle. During the virtual estimate our specialists reviewed the situation and determined where and how to install the outlet.

What Do You Need to Complete a Porsche EV Charger Installation?

Before starting the job our techs had to deal with all the permits for the EV charger installation. After the necessary paperwork was there, they could commence the work and install the panel according to the building standards. During this project Fuse delivered the Outlet 240V (Tesla / EV charger / Dryer / Oven. For that they needed to deliver materials on the working site, prepare it according to the safety standards protocols (OSHA, NEC) and turn the power off. Then Fuse techs ran a new cable and raceway from the feeder to the new outlet location. Afterwards they installed two gang wire box, socket plate and proper wire connectors. Finally, our technicians tested the power — twice — to make sure that everything worked smoothly. Of course, it did.
Fuse provides a warranty for a Porsche EV Charger installation as well as other electrical labor.